From Metro San Juan to Bio Bay launch site

Download Printable PDF Map with Directions

You won’t find many street signs on Puerto Rico. For that reason the directions below are based on landmarks and street numbers. Please print out the driving directions, do not trust the GPS, they do not work precisely in our area.

For the Bio Bay “ Laguna Grande” adventure the GPS coordinates are 18°21’46.1″N 65°37’31.7″W (Just in case as a backup).

Driving Instructions: From Metro San Juan to Bio Bay Launch site

Take Route #3 eastward to Fajardo. To save some time you may consider taking the 66 Expressway (which also passes by International Airport), as it circumvents traffic, ending farther down route #3. (There will be a tollbooth charge).

Approaching Fajardo look for a large shopping mall (Plaza Fajardo) on your right (anchored by Walmart and Econo supermarket) and McDonald’s on your left. At the light go left onto Valero Ave (194) proceeding 1 mile to the intersection with El Conquistador Ave (with a small shopping mall on your left) and take a left at the light. Proceed on this avenue for approximately 4 miles. After passing the first stop light on El Conquistador Ave. look for a green sign on your right that says “El Conquistador” as you will have to turn right at some point to stay on El Conquistador Avenue.  At the end of the avenue take a left onto Carretera Las Cabezas (987). You will see the entrance of the resort El Conquistador on your right; continue straight to Carretera Cabezas (987).  You will pass a gas station on your right hand side, once you pass the gas station you will see Calizo Restaurant. After you pass Calizo Restaurant the road will curve to the right, once you pass the curve in road, the road will be divided in two. Keep right, go up the hill, and when you finish going down the hill at the stop sign make a right turn and you will reach Las Croabas Passive Park (“Parque La Juventud”), you will see the ocean on the left and some sailboats, and to the right many Restaurants.  Now is time to start looking for a parking space, once you find parking, put everything in the trunk of the car, and start looking for Pure Adventure staff. Our guides will be wearing teal blue shirts. Our base of operations will be located close to the boat ramp. Look for us in teal blue shirts, signs and a black & blue canopy with the Pure Adventure Logo. We’ll be waiting for you!

If you still wish to use the GPS here is the address for Google Maps: Parque La Juventud, Fajardo, P.R. 00738

What to keep in mind:

  • Try to be 10 minutes earlier than the meeting time to find free parking.
  • On Saturdays the park is normally very crowded.
  • The guides of Pure Adventure wear blue teal shirts also there are signs and a black and blue canopy with the company logo.
  • Bring extra clothes and towels for after the trip
  • Don’t be afraid to contact us if you need any help (787) 202-6551

Prepare for a Pure Adventure!!!