From Metro Area/San Juan to Ceiba Former Roosevelt Roads Naval Base

Download Printable PDF Map with Directions

Take Route #3 eastward to Fajardo. To save some time you may consider taking the 66 Expressway, as it circumvents traffic, ending farther down route #3 (tollbooth charge). Continue on Route 3 East to Fajardo. Passing Fajardo, Route 3 will merge with Highway 53. Take exit #3 that says Puerto del Rey, cross under highway 53. Keep straight. You will pass 3 traffic lights. After the 3rd one, in a few seconds you’ll see Puerto del Rey Marine to your left, and a few seconds after you’ll see an intersection, turn left (there’s a structure that says Bienvenido a Ceiba). Once you turn keep going straight until you pass the main gate of the Former Roosevelt Roads Naval Base. Once inside follow our Pure Adventure’s signs to get to our location.

If you still want to use the GPS, here are the coordinates:

18 °14′ 05.74″N, 65° 37′ 27.82″W