Puerto Rico is a stunning island and beautiful travel destination where you’re sure to have a great time. Whether you’re traveling as a solo tourist, with a group of friends, or you’re taking your family on a vacation, Puerto Rico’s vibrant culture and a plethora of activities will have everything you need.

In addition to the endless fun on land, Puerto Rico offers a whole other world in its waters. The bright blue waves shimmering in the sun feel like another realm and there are countless ways to explore these depths!

Particularly, the island of Culebra, located about 17 miles from the East coast of Puerto Rico, offers pristine beaches and some of the best snorkeling in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking to literally and metaphorically dive into the fun of Puerto Rico, snorkeling in Culebra’s waters is the way to go!

Snorkeling is the perfect experience for beginners, children, and anyone who wants a foray into the waters. It’s not as intensive as SCUBA diving, which often requires certification, and it’s not as removed as simply staying above the water by hanging out on a boat. While those two activities—SCUBA and kayaking—are still exciting and rewarding, snorkeling offers another perspective of the water.

Why Is Culebra Snorkeling The Best?

There’s not quite a snorkeling experience that matches up with the Culebra snorkeling experience—here’s what you can expect when snorkeling in Puerto Rico on the island of Culebra:

Create Unforgettable Memories

It’s one thing to see the bright blue, crystal clear waters of Puerto in pictures—it’s another thing to literally immerse yourself in them and experience the joys and wonders of all the life below the surface. No matter who’s in your group or how old you are, there’s a special opportunity to make unforgettable memories when snorkeling in Puerto Rico, especially in the waters of Culebra Island.

Culebra snorkeling is a remarkable experience that you’ll never forget and always cherish. The waters, the marine life, and the friendship shared between your fellow snorkelers and Pure Adventure tour guide are memories that you’ll be glad you made!

Shallow Waters Are Beginner and Family-friendly

Maybe you’ve never really been swimming or maybe you’re nervous about swimming in open waters. Or, perhaps you’ve got small children with you and don’t want to worry about the dangers of deeper waters. Snorkeling in Culebra is the perfect place to assuage your fears and empower you and your family to have a blast!

Culebra Island offers waters that are more shallow than other parts of the island of Puerto Rico so you’re never too far from your footing. This means you can start your snorkeling adventure in a comfortable depth and explore deeper waters if you’re up for it—all while having the guidance of your Pure Adventure tour guide to navigate your hesitation or parental concerns, of course.

Gain a Deeper Connection with nature

When you splash into the water and get to peek into the world below the waves, it seems as if all your troubles are washed away. With this shifted perspective, you can truly live in the moment as you bob along below the surface and observe the vibrant life in the water. This deeper connection with nature can be incredibly rewarding and compelling, especially if a sea turtle happens to pass by just a few feet away or if you catch a school of fish darting from one spot to another in the blink of an eye.

In such a dazzling environment like the waters of Culebra, snorkeling forges a heightened relationship between yourself and nature. Witnessing the beauty of coral reefs, colorful sea creatures, and the rays of light shining through all add up to a new appreciation for the natural world and marine life.

3 Reasons to Book a Culebra Snorkeling Tour with Pure Adventure

After reading about the beauty of Culebra snorkeling, you’re probably ready to book a snorkeling tour and experience this adventure for yourself! Here’s why you should book a Culebra snorkeling tour with Pure Adventure:

Your Guides Have a Marine Biology Background

Would you want an accountant to lead a tour of a museum? Would you trust your doctor to sell your house? Of course not—there are different specialties and areas of expertise for a reason! While an accountant could talk about art in a rudimentary fashion, you wouldn’t learn as much or develop quite the same appreciation for the art as you would if someone with an art or art history background was leading the tour.

The same logic applies to snorkeling in Puerto Rico and that’s what distinguishes Pure Adventure from other operators. Your guides each have a background in marine biology with extensive experience in the Culebra Island waters. This is exactly what you’d want in a unique and extraordinary snorkeling experience! Hearing from these guides with such history and knowledge of the area will further enrich your time snorkeling in Puerto Rico and help you further understand the ecosystem you’re visiting.

Your Guides Are Well-Versed in Safety Protocols

Safety is the number one priority for everyone here at Pure Adventure; we take passenger safety seriously and won’t do anything that might put you in a precarious or dangerous situation. Our guides closely examine weather patterns in the days leading up to your excursion and know the best workarounds for any potential storm moving through the area.

This preparation combined with each guide maintaining CPR certification and rescue management knowledge means that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your safety or the safety of those around you.

Your Guides Can Help You Navigate Your Experience to Make the Best Culebra Snorkeling Memories

A wonderful advantage to having guides with backgrounds in marine biology and extensive history with the waters of Puerto Rico is getting the best help navigating your Culebra snorkeling experience. Traveling with children and want to keep an eye on them? Treating yourself to a solo snorkeling experience? Have a particular interest in something your guide mentioned? Just ask your Pure Adventure guide for their recommendations and know that you’re getting the best experience possible!

Book Your Culebra Snorkeling Trip Today!

Puerto Rico offers stunning weather year-round—and the same goes for snorkeling in Culebra Island’s waters! We know you’ll fall in love with Culebra Island and can’t wait to share our marine biology expertise with you to help foster a greater appreciation for this beautiful world.

Contact Pure Adventure to book your Culebra snorkeling experience and count down the days until you make memories that will last a lifetime.