Experience Nature in a Whole New Way with an Overnight Stay on Vieques Island

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Experience Nature in a Whole New Way with an Overnight Stay on Vieques Island   Now that you’ve set your heart on visiting Puerto Rico, it’s time to decide how you will enjoy your time exploring the beautiful island and all it has to offer. With its Caribbean location, Puerto Rico’s coastline is dotted with […]

3 Top Reasons Why Vieques Snorkeling Should Be On Your To-Do List

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You may have heard of the British Virgin Islands or the U.S. Virgin Islands, but have you heard of the Spanish Virgin Islands? Whether you have or not, you are in the right place, because Vieques Island, just six miles southeast of Puerto Rico’s mainland, is the largest of an archipelago of six islands considered […]

5 Reasons to Visit the Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo

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Whether you’re looking for an experience with your family, a significant other, or a group of friends, nothing beats an island getaway full of activity and adventure. That’s exactly why Fajardo, Puerto Rico should be very high on your radar.  In Fajardo, there are so many exciting things to see or do. Visit historical sites […]

3 Reasons to Book a Culebra Snorkeling Tour with Pure Adventure

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Puerto Rico is a stunning island and beautiful travel destination where you’re sure to have a great time. Whether you’re traveling as a solo tourist, with a group of friends, or you’re taking your family on a vacation, Puerto Rico’s vibrant culture and a plethora of activities will have everything you need. In addition to […]

Snorkeling in Puerto Rico? Check Out Our FAQ

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Snorkeling is one of the most popular and fun experiences to have when vacationing. It’s a great way to literally and figuratively immerse yourself in the environment of your destination and gain a deeper connection with your surroundings. Just imagine floating along and seeing colorful sea creatures scuttle along the seafloor or having a sea […]

Why Culebra Island Offers the Best Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a popular destination for travelers, both solo and with groups, because of its tropical climate, wide array of activities, and stunning beaches. Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of hiking through lush scenery or simply want to relax with a drink in your hand, the island has something for everyone. In […]